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Month: October 2019

4th Class Tinwhistle

Friday 25th – Halloween Fun!

The children wore halloween costumes to school today. Many recycled or made home made costumes as part of our green…

Tag Rugby Blitz, 6th Class

6th class took part in a rugby blitz today, representing Italy!

Music Performance, 6th Class

6th class playing some traditional music yesterday in school!

5th Class, Ireland’s Call

5th class with a lovely rendition of Ireland’s Call!

Poetry Recital, 4th Class

Origami Art Work, 3rd Class

Mr. Leonard’s 3rd class created some lovely Origami art work for the county final recently!

Tinwhistle Recital, 2nd Class

Ms. Shally’s 2nd Class group with a lovely tinwhistle preformance

Artwork, 2nd Class Ms. Kenny

Some art and classroom work from Ms. Kenny’s 2nd Class Group

Halloween Art, 1st Class

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