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The teachers for First Class this year are Laura Lyons & Nicola Burke
These are the events for the class.

School Newsletter September 2018


Sports Day June 26th

First Class Tour To Jumplanes

First Class Hurling Blitz

First class recently taking part in a hurling blitz in Sylane!

School Newsletter June 2018


AIB Football Blitz June 14th

Many thanks to Lisa Cooley of AIB and Damien Comer from the Galway football team. The children had a fantastic…

Medal Presentation For Cumann Na mBunscol Football With Damien Comer June 14th

Damien Comer presented medals for the girls and boys who won the football finals this year!

Cumann Na mBunscol Hurling Finals June 14th

Conrgratulations to our hurlers for reaching the finals of the Cumann Na mBunscol Hurling!

Boys Cumann Na mBunscol Winners 2018

Congratulations to all involved in the boys Cumann Na mBunscol Finals on May 31st. What a huge achievement for both…

Girls Cumann Na mBunscol Final Winners 2018

Congratulations to all involved in the Cumann finals on Monday, well done!  

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